My first Mercedes Benz


I'd gotten the bug for a Mercedes SL way back in about 1972.  At that time they were going for almost $20,000.  Unfortunately, on a policeman's salary, with a new mortgage, and an infant daughter, there was no way that was going to happen.  As Hil and I were building our lives and our family, my little dream retreated to the recesses of my mind, resurfacing periodically for short periods of time, then disappearing again. 

I retired from the military in 2006 and took a civilian job with the US Government so we had both my retirement check and my civilian paycheck coming in.  Also, Hil got a promotion at work and is now a Nursing Administrator.  The little bit of extra money coming in got me on the classic car bug and while searching the Internet for classics, I was initially looking for something around 1959-62 vintage but in the process, came across it in came across a couple 450 and 560SLs for sale and the old dream resurfaced. 

I began seriously searching the Internet for a nice 560SL in early May of 2009.  I found a low mileage car in North Carolina and on 29 June I drove down to look at it.  I liked it and on 3 July, I drove back down, bought it, and drove it home.  My grandson (almost 11 at the time) went with me to pick it up and drove home in it with me.  He must have liked it as well; at one point when we were about half way home he turned to me and said:  "Grandpa, when you get too old to drive, would you sell this car to me?"  I told him I'd think about it.

Anyway, below are some pictures my new "baby' taken on 4 and 5 July 2009.  It also has the removable hard top but I'd already popped it off when these were taken.



And...a year later

Here it is on 3 July 2010, a year to the day since I brought it home. 
Over the course of the past year I put about 2,000 miles on it.



Wanna' see what $1,200.00 looks like? 

I was having a problem with the driver's seat back not sitting properly and took it to the local Mercedes dealership to have it looked at/fixed.  The diagnosis was bent seat brackets.  The brackets were $600.00 EACH and labor was another $600.00. 

They finally figured out that they only needed to replace one of the brackets (which they had to order from Germany) so, in the end, it only cost $1,200.00.  I asked the service advisor if the price included flying the mechanic over to Germany to pick it up and bring it back.....he didn't laugh.

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