Pictures from my Gulf War service
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Picture of me at King Fahd Airfield taken in Oct 90.  A couple MC-130 are in the background on the ramp.


Picture of some more of my Kuwaitis, taken before the start of the ground war.


Picture of one of our LAVs, taken the afternoon before the ground war started.


Kuwait...first day of the ground    war.  Helmet and flak vest still mandatory but ditched the chemical warfare suit after a couple hours.  Still carrying gas mask attached to back of web gear.


I'm talking to Forward Air Controller on the radio from my Humvee on the last day of the war; wearing night parka with liner - it got c-o-l-d out there at night!  Difficult to see are the two AK-47 bullet holes in the rear seat window from two days earlier.


Me -  2nd from left - with some of my Kuwaiti "cowboys" and my 5th SF Group NCOIC (2nd from right),  Kuwait City, 28 Feb 91.  My confidence in the M-16 was still not strong and the Beretta 9mm in my shoulder holster didn't have the range to make me comfortable.  When the opportunity presented itself, I opted for an Ak-47 taken from an Iraqi POW as my primary weapon.  By this time, no helmets, flak vests, chem. gear.

Catch me in the bar sometime and I'll tell you some Kuwaiti Commando "war stories"


Among the first into Kuwait City were my Kuwaiti "Commandos."  As we were searching a side street for any remaining Iraqis, an old Kuwaiti gentleman ran up to us and handed me the Kuwaiti flag (on as broomstick) pictured above.


One of the SOF dune buggies used by the SOCCENT attached SF troops.


Iraqi tank, complete with "crispy critters" knocked out vicinity of Al Jabir Airfield during the retaking of Kuwait.


One of the deep recon patrols out "in the bush."


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