Pictures from the Gulf War, Page 2
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Another Iraqi tank destroyed on the road up to Kuwait City

Marine Lt Gen Walt Boomer giving a pep talk to Marines at 1st MEF.

This tank was knocked out near the American Embassy grounds in Kuwait City by the resistance fighters as US-led force approached the city.

Iraqi bunker on the beach of Kuwait Bay.  The Iraqis clearly had no understanding of the effect of US firepower as they built them out of cinderblocks and sidewalk paving stones with 2x4 and log supported corrugated tin roofs.  The only sandbags they used were to hold the corners of the tin roofs down.  This particular one is a little better constructed as they dragged some concrete lane dividers out there for the front wall of the bunker.

Residence in Kuwait City displaying a Kuwait flag as we moved into the city.

Remains of an Iraqi bunker attacked by my Kuwaiti "Commandos."  Two Iraqi KIAs remain in the rubble.

AFSOF MH-53 on the tarmac at Kuwait International Airport at the end of the ground war.

Yet another Iraqi tank, and it's "crispy critter" crew knocked out on the road between Al Jabir Airfield and Kuwait City.

Army CW-4 Garry Smith (retired now), taken on the grounds of the American Embassy about 28 Feb 91.  An absolutely super troop, Gary spoke fluent Arabic and was our interpreter in Kuwait.

Garry also spoke Vietnamese and, immediately before joining SOCCENT, he'd been assigned to Joint Task Force Full Accounting in Thailand from where he's participated in several missions to recover the remains of Americans lost in the Vietnam War.

Picture of one of the buildings in Kuwait City that Iraqi troops turned into "pillboxes" by simply stacking some cinderblocks in the window openings.  The Iraqis "fortified" several buildings along the coast of Kuwait Bay in this manner.  I put quotations around fortified because I would not consider it fortified.  A couple hits from M-60 or even M-16s crumbled the blocks.