30 September 2002 marked the first of 27 shootings, 10 of them fatal, over a 23 day period in the Washington DC area by two nut-job self-proclaimed snipers.  By Halloween, the shootings had stopped but parents were playing is safe, keeping many kids indoors/  Hence, trick or treat traffic was understandably light this year.   

I've been decorating the house to some degree, for several years and, even though I expected the turn-out for Halloween night to be smaller.  I didn't let the sniper scare to spoil this  Halloween so I went ahead and decorated anyway.  This is also the first year that I really went with rather extensive decorations; lots of outdoor lights and such.  I also never photographed the decorations before but started this year and plan to continue doing so each year from now on. 


Below is is the smaller of the two pumpkins I carved in 2002.



This is bigger of the two pumpkins this year.  This one was a real find; the nicest one I've had in many years, standing well over 2' tall



Below is a shot of the house decorated for Halloween.  The Styrofoam tombstones are visible behind the lighted "cemetery" fence on the left of the house.  The fence around the tombstones in something I bought from a Halloween store.  It has a metal frame with draped purple lights on them.  The sections were hard to assemble and, when put up, did not look as good as I'd hoped.  We had the house up for sale this fall, hence the real estate sign in the front yard, but in early November we took it off the market.



Here's the 7' tall grim reaper mannequin I set up at the far left side of the house.  The flash made the Blue Spruce tree behind the mannequin look like it was glowing in the picture.  Another of the tombstones is also visible.



This is the devil mannequin that I put partially behind the tree.  In 2001 I had the same figure out but dressed in all black and with a skull mask.  To make him, I stuffed one of my old flight suits with crumpled newspaper and foam.  After the torso was firm enough to pretty-much stand alone I stuck a thin fence post in the ground to support it. 

Then I  covered it with scraps of black and red wool from the bargain bin at a local fabric store and put the rubber mask on a Styrofoam head.  I finished it off with a pair of red low-voltage bulb eyes that are depressed into the Styrofoam head but they don't show up in this picture taken with a flash.



Grandson Cameron in his Spiderman costume. He'd already been trick-or-treating and he was tired of wearing the mask by the time he got to our house.


Granddaughter Sydney (with Daddy Ron) in her Ladybug costume.  By the time they got to our house, both were pretty worn out from Trick-or-Treating in their neighborhood and they were getting a bit cranky and this was the only picture I got where she wasn't fussing.  Unfortunately, it's a bit out of focus.


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