Messerschmit Bf-109G-10

WW-II 1/48 scale

This model is of a late WW-II war Bf-109G-10.  This aircraft depicts an aircraft of JG-53 assigned to Reich Defense duty as depicted by the black fear fuselage band.  This is not the recent Hasegawa kit but the Hobby Craft kit that was released in about 1994 or so.  The new Hasegawa kit has many state-of-the-arts features that were not available when this kit was released.  Normally, I would not have built this one for a contest but it was a IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers "build the same kit" contest and the kit was any version of the 1/48 scale Hobby Craft 109 kit.  This one was lucky enough to take First Place.  Extras include:  detailed the cockpit, repositioned leading edge slats, flaps, etc, nose cannon from thin tubing, decals from MSAP.  The picture immediately below was taken by Dick Cole during the contest several years ago.  The rest were taken by me in October of 2004 in my back yard. 


If you look closely, you can see that the left main landing gear door is loose and has been propped up against the drop tank.  Unfortunately, I knocked it off with the paint brush while dusting the model to take these pictures.  The Iron Cross and Luftwaffe Eagle are resin castings of the badges I have from a relative who served in the Luftwaffe in WW-II.




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