German Fokker D-8 Monoplane

WW-I, 1/48 Scale

This is also a DML kit.  It was not the easiest build I've ever done; not because of complicated rigging (there is almost none) but by virtue of some challenging fit problems.  Many pieces took a fair amount of gentle sanding and fitting to get them to go together correctly.  Additionally, the only thing holding the wing on are etched metal struts.  they are reasonably strong but you only get one chance at bending them to fit.  They have a bit of "spring" to them and if you bend the ends too far, it's difficult to straighten them.  Along the same line, if you bend the strut in the middle (even slightly, the wing will not sit level.  Aside from that, it was a fun kit to build but I would not recommend it to a novice based on the fit, myriad of small, brittle plastic parts, and lots of etched metal, including some major structural parts. 

The bottom picture shows the workbench I constructed for the armor.  I disassembled the machineguns and laid the parts out on the bench as if the armorer was working on the guns.  The WW-I German pilot's badge and the Iron Cross 1st Class are resin castings from the genuine articles.







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