German Foker Dr-1 Triplane

WW-I - 1/48 Scale


This is the no longer available DML kit.  I built this one several years ago and it really was pretty easy to build.  I picked it deliberately since it was my first WW-I fighter kit and it required minimal (almost no) rigging.  It's just about box stock except for the Aeromaster decals.  If you look closely, you can see that it has taken a couple hits over the years in the form of broken outer wing struts and the windshield is missing.  Some day I hope to find another unbuilt kit to use the struts as masters to cast replacement ones in resin for this kit (the windshield will be pretty easy to make from a piece of thin clear acetate.  The tail skid has also come off but I still have it and will reattach it when I do the major rebuild. 

The base is my usual wooden plaque in a red-brown Walnut picture frame.  The 1914 Iron Cross and the WW-I Prussian pilot's badge are resin cast from molds made from original items in my collection.  They are mounted on small squares of wood stained to match the frame.







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