Soviet Naval Aviation

P-40K - 1/48 Scale


This model represents a short-tailed P-40K in service with Soviet Naval Aviation in WW-II.  The markings of this one are for Lt Nikolai Kuznetzov personal aircraft.  I built this several years ago and it was a moderate conversion from the Mauve P-40M.  I had to shorten the rear fuselage and replace the kit vertical stabilizer with the rather uniquely-shaped "K" stabilizer.  Other modifications. details are "weighted" tires, thin tubing for wing gun barrels, old Micro Scale decals.  The base is a piece of wood inserted in a walnut picture frame.  This was the first time that I actually constructed a permanent base for one of my aircraft models and I sort of overdid it as far as size goes.  I used an 11x14" frame and it turned out to be w-a-y too big for an aircraft of this size.  Live and learn. I guess.  The pictures below will give you a couple different perspectives of the model.  There will be slight differences in color from picture to picture as I used a flash on one or two; the rest are natural lighting.






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