USAF A-1H Skyraider

Vietnam War - 1/48 Scale


This is the Tamiya A-1H Skyraider kit.  While they have since released it in USAF colors, when I got this one, it only came in Navy markings.  Luckily, Aeromaster released a couple sheets of Air Force markings for Skyraiders and I used one of those sheets for these markings.  I boult it as an aircraft of the 1st Special Operations Sq, 56 Special Operations Wg at Nakhon Phanom AB, Thailand in 1969.  Since the kit came with Navy markings, it also had the Navy style cockpit without the Yankee extraction system seat.  I used the  Meteor Productions Air Force A-1H resin cockpit and, while it was made for the Monogram kit, it fit the Tamiya Skyraider with no problems at all.  It also has 20mm cannon barrels made from thin tubing and a combination of kit, KMC (now out of business), and scratch-built weapons. 

It's sitting on a base made by my now standard display technique; a wooden plaque in a hardwood picture frame.  The concrete runway is made of thin poster board that was scored with a wheel-type pizza cutter.  The tar was then added by using dark gray acrylic artist's tube paint squirted into a syringe and applied to the indented lines.  The aluminum planking extension was made from strips of Evergreen styrene, sprayed with SNJ and the polishing compound, then sprayed gray over that.  The gray was then flaked off in spots and some creative "graffiti" was added by scraping off some of the gray, leaving the aluminum undercoat showing.  The color and chipping/graffiti, etc of the aluminum panels was an idea I got after seeing the F-105 on display at the AF Museum sitting on a similar surface.  The actual aircraft originally had an "aircraft gray (almost white) underside but it was oversprayed with flat black in-theater.  I have pictures of the actual aircraft after being painted with black and it was not a careful job with considerable overspray into the wheel wells and sloppy fuselage demarcation lines so I tried to replicate this as best I could.  It also shows a couple of repaired spots on the fuselage.







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