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Antenna Valley supposedly got its name from the large percentage of radiomen that became casualties during an operation in this valley in 1965.  It was a series of low hills and flat rice paddies occupied by small clusters of hamlets.  The valley itself, was Grunt territory.  The Marine Infantry battalions were constantly patrolling and conducting small operations in it.  The hills, where this picture was taken from, were Recon's AOR.  We often worked in conjunction with the Grunts, spotting enemy movement either toward their positions or away from them and we called in artillery and/or air strikes on them.  This picture was one of the few that I took using my 35mm camera. which I normally didn't take to the bush.  I believe this picture was taken in late summer of 1967.


A bit further up the valley in this picture.  This one was taken in about Nov of 67, guessing by the climate.  I took it from my observation post in a tree overlooking the valley.

I took this shot of some of of my fellow RT Grim Reaper Marines from my observation perch in the tree.


This picture was also taken with my 35mm camera and it was taken about January of 1968.  You can see one of the recon team's major nemesis, fog, beginning to build down in the valley.  It's not too bad at this point but it could quickly build to several hundred feet.  The fog would obscure many of the medium (and even the taller) peaks.  When that happened, the helicopters would not fly in the valleys for fear of flying into one of the granite overcasts.  That often meant an extra day or more in the bush until the fog cleared.  During this season, we usually took extra food and ammo, anticipating getting extended in the bush.  


I'm not 100% sure on this one.  In looking at it, it might have been taken from the top of Hill 425.  The dark object in the lower left corner of the picture is one of the small spotting scopes which makes me think this was taken on 425.  I think the larger valley in the far distance was the area that was called "the Arizona Territory" or "Indian Country."


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