Ba Na

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For some reason I don't have any photos from Ba Na but my good friend, Ray Taylor, was kind enough to allow me to post some of his on my web site.  All the pictures below were taken by him.

Ba Na was another of those radio relay sites.  It was permanently manned by a team of radio operators and had rotating teams of Recon Marines to act as site security.  During France's colonial rule in Indochina, they built this compound as a resort.  It was build on one of the highest mountains in the area, far up the slope of the north side of what we called Happy Valley.  It was quite remote and, at that altitude, quite cool even during the hottest part of the year.  Being on top of the hill, the only vehicle access was a long overgrown, twisting road through the jungle and up the steep mountain.  We also found what looked like it might have once been supports and old cables for an aerial cable car so there may have been access to the top in that manner at one time as well.

The surroundings were quite pristine and beautiful.  For the most part, however, the French architecture reminded me more of a prison than a resort.  By the time we began occupying it, there wasn't much left of it except for the walls and some of the flooring.    



This shows one of the main residence buildings of the former French resort. 



This is the other main guest buildings of the resort.  We usually spit the team up into two adjoining rooms and put a block of C-4 against the wall between them.  In the event we got hit up there. we could blow a hole in the wall in order to move from room to room with minimum exposure to the outside.



This shot was taken from the roof (well, where the roof was supposed to be) down into the courtyard.  You can see part of the rubble of one of the rooms on the extreme right.



Another shot of the inside main center hallway of one of the residence buildings.



The back side of one of the buildings.



One of the buildings fro a distance.



What's left of the shrine.  


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