China Beach

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OK, so China Beach really isn't "in the bush" so to speak.  This was just a convenient place to file this page. 

We normally didn't get to China Beach very often.  About the only time we did was when the Platoon Commander deemed it necessary to practice rubber boat and other amphibious training tactics.  Of course, when we went, we also took a 55 gal drum full of ice and beer and a bunch of steaks to long as we were there anyway.  For some reason, none of my China Beach pictures seemed to have survived to this point.  The pictures below were taken by my good friend and felly Recon Marine, Ray Taylor and he kindly allowed me to post them on my site.    


Here we had just negotiated the rather meager surf to make our first rubber boat landing of the day and were about to turn it around and paddle back out through the surf for the second go-round.  


Tony Velez fooling around for Ray's camera. 


As we were paddling out for the second set, a rather unexpected and large wave hit the boat, flipping it.  Here we are policing up all the gear that was dumped out of the boat when it flipped.  As you can see, we are not wearing any flotation devices.  The only concession to the training environment was that we were didn't have to wear out boots and were allowed to wear swim shorts and T-shirts.






In this shot, we're done for the day.  The one Marine in full uniform was there serving as the armed guard. 

While we were at China Beach, we were still in Vietnam so we couldn't get totally slack.  As soon as we got the boats and other gear stowed, it was time to get at those steaks and beer!




Here's a group of the guys dragging one of the rubber boats back from the surf.  Unlike the lightweight amphibious rafts of today, these suckers were heavy and cumbersome, both inflated and deflated.  Rubber boat training was quite exhausting and by this time, the only thing keeping us going was the "refreshments" back in the tree line.


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