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 The AN/PRC-25 radios we used were a pretty much line-of-sight system and Marine Recon teams operating at the far ends of the various valleys in the Danang TAOR often experienced difficulty communication with the base camp at Camp Reasoner.  The problem wasn't as much due to distance as it was terrain as the steep, tall ridgelines and deep valleys interfered with the signal to and from the tactical radios.  To solve this problem, the Commander of the 1st Reconnaissance BN  directed that several radio relay posts be established on tall peaks throughout the AOR to relay communications between these teams and Recon HQ.  Each of these radio relay sites were manned by a team of communicators and a Marine Recon team for security.  While the communicators pulled tours up there of some 30-60 days (or more), the Marine Recon teams rotated about every 5-7 days.     

Dong Den was one of these.  It was one of the highest peaks north of Danang and it sat near the mouth of Elephant Valley.  From there you could follow the river with your eye all the way to Danang Bay.  If you had a decent pair of field glasses or a spotting scope, you could actually see Camp Reasoner in the distance.   I didn't take any pictures during any of my time on Dong Den but my good friend and fellow Recon Marine, Ray Taylor took several and he graciously allowed me to post some of his pictures on my web site.  The following pictures all cane from Ray

This view looks down from the top of Dong Den along the river at the mouth of Elephant Valley.  In the distance, you can see Danang Bay.

This is similar to the one above but taken at a wider angle.  In this one you can see all the way to Monkey Mountain sitting out in the bay.  Camp Reasoner is out of view of this frame at center right back from the waterline.  The river yoy see is the Song Cu De entering the bay.  Just before it enters Danang Bay is the Nam-O bridge where Highway 1 crosses the river.


This is another shot looking down into Elephant Valley.  This one was taken looking a bit deeper into the valley from the one above.


This was home-sweet-home on Dong Den during one of my early trips up there.  Later, much of the vegetation was cleared from the top and some sandbag bunkers replaced the soft-sided makeshift tents.



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