Pictures from the field

NOTE:  With a couple exceptions, the pictures on these pages are
my personal property.  The others belong to friends who have given
me permission to post them here.  None can be used without permission.


I broke these pictures down into some geographic areas where possible.  The last group are pictures that, to r one reason or another, I didn't think fit any of the other categories or pictures for which my memory has failed me on their location.

Not every patrol is represented by pictures.  In fact, only a small minority are.  Normally, on a particularly busy patron with a lot of walking, several enemy contacts, etc, there would not be much time to haul out the camera and start snapping away.  In the end, I consider myself lucky to have captured the images that I did.  The sole reason for these pictures is to try to give others an idea of what it was like out in the bush.

This is a work in progress.  More items will be added to the sections below as I get time to scan them. 


China Beach

Hill 425

Hill 452

Happy Valley

Antenna Valley

Elephant Valley

Charlie Ridge

Dong Den

Ba Na



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