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With all the times we patrolled on Charlie Ridge, I only can find a couple surviving pictures and they're all on this page.  Here we're working our way up the side of one of the ridges that form the larger landmass called Charlie Ridge.  It actually bordered on the southern side of Happy Valley and, as with the valley, Charlie Ridge was literally crawling with VC and NVA.  The first man visible (about the middle of the picture) is Doc Highum.  Below him is LCPL Hausauer and to the right of him is one of the Vietnamese we were taking with us to the bush at that time.  At bottom left of the picture is Mike Bell's head.  This one was taken about August of 1967.


 This is just a shot of the terrain; ridge after ridge, after ridge that made up the Charlie Ridge and Happy Valley area.    

This is one of the areas that had earlier been sprayed with Agent Orange defoliant.  They didn't do a particularly good job of it on this one as you can see all the larger trees have died but a considerable amount of the low scrub brush remains.   Still, it did a pretty good job of exposing enemy camps and the like.  In this patrol, we found a recently-deserted camp at the bottom of this ridge. 


This is why we liked to wear camouflaged uniforms in the bush.  This picture was actually taken in about March of 1967.  This one was ending without incident as we had seen many signs of enemy activity but did not make any direct contact. 

Here Roddy Rodriguez has found a shady spot under a large bush while we're waiting for the helos to arrive and, with the old cotton "Tiger-Stripe" camouflage utilities, it's difficult to see him.  He usually wore a green Vietnamese-issue beret in the bush.  Here, he's hung it on a branch to dry the sweat off it and you can see its outline.


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