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This is a shot taken just after breaking out of the triple-canopy trees in Happy Valley and you can see where we had come out of the forest just to the back on this frame.  The vegetation in this spot was still pretty high; as tall or taller than the height of a man and extremely thick since more sunlight reached the ground here where there were no tall trees.


 This shot was taken a bit further out into the valley itself and it's the spot we picked for our extraction LZ.  One of RT Grim Reaper's men can be seen in the center of the frame, slightly to the right working on cutting some of the smaller saplings that would interfere with the helo landing to pick us up. 

Here you can see that the LZ is adequately cleared (not completely, but enough that the helo would land) - thank God, no rope ride this time!  In the middle of the LZ with his back to the camera is SGT Steve Thomas dressed in one of the (then) new camouflaged jungle utility jackets.  Behind him, facing the camera is the radio operator, PFC John Lowry.


Here, Steve Thomas is applying more camouflage paint to his face while John Lowry talks with the overhead FAC who is directing the helos to our position.


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