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This shot was taken through the side porthole of one of the CH-46s on the way to an insertion in the Hiep Duc valley in April of 1967.  The window I'm taking the picture through still has the Plexiglas intact.  However, you can see that the plastic is already broken out of the window over the main landing gear sponson of the other bird. 


The CH-46 has just landed on a narrow finger of Charlie Ridge.  Cleofus Rodrigues is ducking as he begins to run for the helo which, maddeningly, has not yet dropped the rear ramp so we can board!


This one, taken from inside, is pretty dark  but you can see that this helo has had both upper and lower clamshell rear doors removed to allow quick entry and egress.  Having the upper half of the clamshell doors removed was not uncommon but I only remember 3 occasions where I'd seen the lower ramp removed.


I took this picture standing at the crew entry door of a CH-46 as it approaces An Hoa combat base to refuel.  Any time we went out to the western part of Vietnam, the helos would stop at An Hoa to refuel before proceeding on to the insertion point.   

You can see the airstrip well below and the C-123 Provider "trash hauler" that has just landed and is turning around.  You can also get an idea of how short the runway is based on the size of the aircraft on it.  It was too short for a C-130 to land so the only aircraft that could get in to resupply the base were helos, C-7s, and C-123s. 



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