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Next stop was Guam where we refueled again.  I have no pictures of the area around the airport because pictures were forbidden.  I did snap this picture of a B-52 in its revetment from the aircraft window as we taxied in.






This is another picture I took out the airplane window as we slowed to allow this other B-52 to taxi onto the active runway and take-off for a trip to Hanoi or some other North Vietnamese target. 





This picture doesn't show much but it's a cloud formation just off the Island of Oahu.  I took it as we took off from Honolulu International Airport on the last leg of the trip to the Continental United States (CONUS). 


My first sight of land on CONUS, Mares Island off San Francisco.


After making landfall over San Francisco, the aircraft turned south and landed at El Toro Marine Air Station outside Los Angeles.  We went through a processing line there, got pay, orders, and travel arrangements, then off for 20 days leave at home before reporting in at Camp Lejeune.

The trip from LA to Chicago was uneventful.  When I arrived I was met by my parents, my three  aunts and an uncle by marriage (husband of one of my aunts).  Also present was my girlfriend (who, a little over a year later became my wife). 

The first thing I did, after the necessary getting re-acquainted,  was to look for a set of wheels to buy with all the combat pay I'd saved while in Nam.  Above is a picture of the 1962 Corvette I bought about a week after getting home.


This is a picture of me about a week and a half after my discharge from the Marines.  I'm in the back yard of my parents home with my dog, "Buddy."


Less than a year after returning home from Nam, I sold the 62 Corvette and bought this 65 Roadster which I kept until our first daughter arrived and a two-seat automobile became impractical.  


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