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This picture is pretty dark, unfortunately.  It was taken at the top of the hill above the LZ prior to going out on a patrol and shows four Recon Team Grim Reaper Marines.  On the left is Bobby Earp.  Next to him is "Gator" Thielen, then SGT Morris, and finally Roger Hausauer.   SGT Morris had just recently joined the team and, within a month had moved on to another platoon.  He was an interesting guy; from Talmadge Ohio.  At the time he was with us in Vietnam, he had some 17 years in the Corps and had just attained the lofty rank of SGT for the third time.  He was super in the bush but was prone to getting into trouble at stateside posts, hence the two earlier demotions.  


 This picture shows Ray Triana on the left and Eddie Bolin on the right.  In the center is "Johnnie."  We never knew him by any other name; he was the  Commander of a platoon of Vietnamese Regional-Popular Forces (Ruff-Puffs) that were assigned to work with us for a while.  Normally two of his men would accompany each Bravo Company patrol out into the bush on the premise that  they had previously lived in the particular area we were patrolling and knew the terrain, people, etc.  It was a good theory but, in practice was less successful. 


This is me on the Camp Reasoner LZ waiting for the helos to take us to the bush.  I don't remember the exact timeframe of this picture but, the fact I'm already carrying the M-60 and the LZ is still dirt, would place it at about May-June of 1967.



Ron Kovic in more patriotic times.  Here he is raising his little flag over our hootch at daybreak on a home-made flagpole that he built.  He posted and retired the colors every day we were in out of the bush, saluting the flag as he did.  This is not my picture.  I got this from fellow Recon Marine Ray Taylor.


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