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This shot was taken out in the bush; Antenna Valley, if I remember correctly.  On the left is Steve Thomas and on the right is Bobby Earp.  In the middle is a new Lieutenant who was "Bird-dogging" along to see how the patrols went before he took over his own patrol for good (a common practice in Recon).  The 2nd Lieutenant, fresh from school in the states is actually former Gunnery Sergeant Leo Grassilli; a Mustang officer who turned out to be a very good officer and bush Marine.


This is a picture of Joseph James Jones, better known to us as "JJ," clowning around.  JJ was from North Carolina if I remember correctly and he patrolled with RT Grim Reaper until he was promoted to SGT in about Aug or Sep of 1967.  He then moved to 3rd Platoon to take over his own team.  This picture was taken about November of 67. 

I can tell place the timeframe by the shirt he is wearing.  In mid October of 67 we got in a shipment of dark green Korean War vintage wool flannel uniform shirts and we were each issued two of them.  That seemed a strange item to be issuing in the tropics but, within a month, they would come in very handy.  It began getting colder, especially at night, in the bush by mid November and they felt pretty darn good to the Recon Marines who were accustomed to the high heat and humidity of the Vietnam summer.  As you can see, JJ has converted his to short sleeves with a pair of scissors.    

This is me standing next to a CH-46  helicopter on the LZ at Camp Reasoner.  This was taken just before going out on my first patrol.  I didn't know what to expect and I wanted a picture for my parents in case I got killed first-time out.  Mike Bell obliged me by taking this one.


This shot, like the one above, was taken on the LZ at Camp Reasoner just before my first patrol.  I obliged Mike by taking one of him after he had taken the one above.

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