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Camp Reasoner was the combat base used by the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion (including Force Co).  It was located on a low hill at the edge of a large "sea" of old rice paddies.  On higher hills behind and about a half mile away.  Our combat base was named in honor of 1st Lieutenant Frank Reasoner who was a Recon Platoon Commander and Patrol Leader.  Lt Reasoner was killed in action on 12 July 1965 and was later awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in that engagement. 

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This is the primary guard bunker in the Bravo Company area.  This shot was taken from slightly down the hill.  Immediately behind the bunker from where I am standing is the Company Office. 







Me on my first day in Nam.  I'm standing on the back side of the same bunker pictured above.  It's clear to the casual observer that I'm new in-country as I'm wearing brand new jungle utilities and my "T" shirt is still white.  It will soon turn a yellowish red-brown from being laundered in river water by the local indigenous laundry man.  It's also clear I have not yet reported in to Top Tuttle as I'm still sporting a "stateside" haircut.


You're looking out through the viewing port in the bunker into the rice paddies.  Actually, the paddies closest to the foot of the hill have all been drained and dried up since the locals aren't normally allowed to get that close anymore.  Their animals are another matter, however as you can see a couple water buffalos grazing.  


This shot better illustrates what you could see through the bunker view port.  The horizontal light brown area is an access road to the landing zone (LZ).  Out of the picture to the left is the dirt LZ where the helos came in to pick us up to go to the bush.  To the right and below out of view is the weapons test-firing pit, dug into the side of the hill.  Just on the far side of the road is a series of barbed wire fences with concertina wire between them.  There are many more animals grazing in the old rice paddies in this shot.


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