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The shower.  The water tank was up on the hill behind the combat base with a feed pipe running down to the shower.  The fact the tank was about 200 feet above gave pretty good water pressure but the only heat was supplied by the sun.  Prime shower time was late afternoon when the sun had warmed the water nicely. 


This is the first wash rack in the company area (viewed from the back).  It was pretty basic as you can see.  It was an old wooden pallet lying on the top of one of the tiers of the old rice paddy with nothing but a couple large Lister bags with several spigots at the bottom and a bunch of canteen cups to wash up with and brush your teeth, etc.  It was covered by a frame roof made of old corrugated metal, in turn covered by some old ponchos to keep it reasonably dry when it rained. 


Here is the Enlisted "club."  As you can see, it is named after a Recon Marine who was killed in action (Wynn was in 3rd Recon and they occupied this combat base prior to 1st Recon moving in.  The club had a concrete slab floor, bamboo support poles, and a thatched roof.  It had several small tables and chairs inside.  To the left, just out of the picture, was a small bar of sorts where we could get semi-cold sodas during the day and beer (2 per person per day limit) after duty hours.  


This is the sigh we made for our hootch.  Our Platoon Commander was a Mustang Marine Lt named John Dunn; hence "Dunn's Raiders."  The tiny yellow scroll-like writing said "Never have so few been so foul to so many."  The B and the II indicated we were 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company. 

When Lt Dunn rotated out, he was replaced by another Mustang LT named Badger.  We replaced "Dunn's Raiders" with "Badger's Bastards" in white paint (that's all we could find at the time) but, otherwise it remained  the same.  



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