My Vietnam Pictures

NOTE:  With a couple exceptions, the pictures on these pages are
my personal property.  The others belong to friends who have given
me permission to post them here.  None can be used without permission.


With the exception of a couple Polaroids and a few other photographs, the pictures I took in Vietnam were color slides that I am in the process of scanning to digital format.  Most of them were taken with a pretty cheap (even for the mid-60s) Kodak Instamatic camera.  As such, the quality isn't very good.  It was a tough little camera and lasted my entire combat tour.  While I was in Nam, did buy a better 35mm camera (rectangular shaped pictures).  I seldom took it to the field except on a couple permanent OP missions and almost all of the pictures taken on patrols were taken with the Instamatic.  You can tell the difference between the two types pf picture both by the general appearance and by the shape.  The Instamatic pics are almost square; the 35mm ones are rectangle-shaped

I've restructured and reorganized the Vietnam pictures pages.  They are now broken down by generalized subject matter.  Just click on a link below to take you to the first page of each section.  I also did not carry the camo background over to the picture pages as it made them load too slowly.


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Company-sized operation, Jun 67

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